The Circular Economy Beyond Waste project has 39 partners consisting of municipalities, regions, businesses, the Danish Environment Protection Agency, waste management companies and interest groups. We have a common mission – to create new, circular solutions and a future without waste.


A1: The value case of circularity – communicating the value of circular transition

A2: Preparatory actions to provide analyses, data and technical studies

C1: Capacity building, knowledge creation, learning and network activities

C2: Influencing the framework conditions enabling circular transition on a systemic basis

C3: Innovation, efficiency and scale – using digitalisation to accelerate the circular economy

C4: Extended producer responsibility – contributing to a more efficient product design, increased reuse, recycling and collection

C5: Circular Database and new ways of measuring waste reduction

C6.1: Procurement as a driver for less resource consumption and more recycling of plastics

C6.2: Cirular Public Procurement: Procuring for circular economy in municipalities

C6.3: Exploration of multiple-use textiles in healthcare through a value chain approach and Circular Public Procurement

C7.1: A new infrastructure for waste prevention and reuse in Aarhus Municipality

C7.2: The recycling centre as a catalyst for community development

C7.3: More direct reuse, repair and upcycling of materials from recycling centres

C7.4: Waste prevention in households

C7.5: REuseLAB Bornholm – a scalable socio-economic model for local reuse and repair

C8: High-value recycling of non-reusable textiles from the public sector and households

C9: A decentralized, cost-effective, CO2 reducing system for collection, sorting and treatment of plastics

C10.1: From waste to value – towards a model for municipal involvement in circular construction

C10.2: The circular material depeche – a system for identification and dissemination of valuable materials from construction and demolition

C11: A circular future for composite materials for food and beverages

C12: Reduce E-waste and create jobs by product life extension of large household appliances

C13: Biomass – how to keep biological materials in valuable flows

C14.1: Industrial recycling for construction (IRC)

C14.2: Process model for creating waste-based start-ups

C14.3: Accelerating circular economy within businesses

C15: A nation-wide citizens’ assembly on responsible consumption – the citizen as an active participant in the circular transition